The capital of Indonesia

Jakarta: Capital of Indonesia

Of all the cities, I visited in Southeast Asia Jakarta is probably the most difficult city to use. It is a modern city with a large green space. But at the same time, it’s very difficult to see half of what you want to see in a few days. Because of the continuous traffic jam. You can stay here for two weeks and leave feeling like you’re on vacation in traffic. If you’ve been to Hong Kong or been trapped in an accident on the M25 around London, double the number of cars you saw on the Jakarta Expressway on the same day.

Still suffering from jet planes. Again, I arrived in Indonesia That afternoon, I came back from Jakarta airport by bus for 6 years. For the first time in my life, I felt far away from home. It was like I set foot in New York 10 years ago. But now I know where I am. The city is modern because many cars and hovercraft travel fast through the streets, but it also feels like a capital city. Interestingly, transportation is not as bad as in New York, London, and Sydney, and there is a little more green space to visit.

To get around the popular way for ‘Guide Tour’ visitors. There are buses and tram tours, but bicycles and scooters can also be rented. I can’t buy the first ticket today because I’m rich in taxis. There are great bus, track, and tram networks throughout Jakarta, and you can buy a daily ticket to one of the trams up and down the wooden track. Cost.

to visit an artist in the square when I visit Pattahila Park, there were many small and smart restaurants sandwiched between elegant fashion shops, oriental jewelry shops, and gently swaying tropical gardens.

be located right next to the Sanur Waterfront, the perfect Sanur weekend was very enjoyable to visit. There was more bargaining and street vendors were very interesting when they toured stalls and centers.

I visit often, now I get used to it The southeast is hot and humid. Sauna makes my ears hot and makes the hottest day of the season. Nevertheless, when it arrived in Jakarta, it was a decent ferry to provide visitors with a hot and humid summer.

Known as the Sultan’s Palace Ipoku, the castle is a magnificent white palace located on a large hill overlooking the city. It was built in 1639 and is now a museum of culture and crafts.

It is hot to visit palaces and museums on weekends for tourists who are in a coma. The palace is also today’s museum. While we’re here, we can see the modern palace and go to the cellar to see paintings of the palace.

Next, We visit the embassy American. You can’t even imagine what a beautiful building it is. Meanwhile, the building was not built until 1901. Unfortunately, one of the most visible buildings in the area cannot be open to new visitors. Whether you’re a foreigner from the United States or someone from the United States, this is an amazing day’s journey.

If you walk, you can see nothing but a beautiful lawn, garden, and plants around the embassy. The room was much more laudable. Every day, a beautiful woman in black leather stilettos wears tennis shoes to the entrance of the embassy. Her beige jacket and sweet face made her more attractive than her black hair.

There are millions of embassies in the park right next to it150 yards west of the embassy This place is crowded with families during the summer. The houses here are cheap and big, and there are trees and all the cottages around the green. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to catch the town of Dalesford. It’s a great place.

If you meet D, Assad, help me make yours and celebrate. Put the leaves in the basket and buy a fancy plastic hat.

What time do you want the data? That way?

The hardest time to come to Daylesford is the peak summer season, but if you can overcome the winter cold, you can have fun with your friends and family.