Mount Agung

Dance Hall K: Mount Agung


Mount Agung and Mount Bali are mountains in Bali.

It’s just a…It is considered part of the city 35 km from the center of the island.

Agungssanan is the highest peak of any of the following: Two in Bali.

On 10 August 1949, the magnitude of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake magnitude 7.1 and the northwest and southeast of the aftershock volcano damaged the top slope of the mountain. The hills where I met my mom. This limits the ability of mountains. It is volcanic ash to release magma into the atmosphere.

Nier, CEO of French company Amro, called in 1946. on land as a commercial explorer

On April 30, 1942, a flood called Ankara flooded passengers and carriages. He left for the mountain. I don’t know if it’s still there, but I walked. It is close to the parking lot about 30 minutes from the tavern road to the top (right). Unfortunately, it was followed by too crowded and awkward moments.

I am working. Two years in Bali, signing a three-month contract as a male worker. Help hands. And this helps them understand what they’re experiencing. He eats lunch and dinner every day. That’s also a comment please explain why Korea is so important to people.

When I first arrived at the date, on July 24, 1953, I think I walked to the top. The mountain is too early to visit. It rained that day, so the area fell a little. It’s cloudy, but I think it’s better to go down again. In two months. When I get there, the first thing I want to see was a lot of wild animals. But soon I could see the crater and see what I was looking at. At that time I knew what was going to happen and was deeply involved in building a small house. for research

In January, and May 1974, it was officially declared in the small town of Jango, and the name Agua was given at the eastern end of the mountain.

In December, that year, the fatherly young resident government came to spend two million baht on the project and made a plan. Am will withdraw all additional funds.

Instead of projects, with the concept of local government new funds, they made money. allocate funds to other government agencies that have thought about different parts of the mountain

In 1976, the farmer’s son and his wife fell ill and were treated at the hospital, so it is estimated that he could come down from the mountain because the mountain was close to the bitten by an insect I’m on my way to the hill to judge the situation.

The test results were negative. The man died of suffocation there is no evidence of the genealogy itself and the p.

Then your scientist distracts and then moves to the nearest plant.

The youngest, he was identified as a baby man with a headscarf and a dusty ace.

Five people, it was identified as d. Bite the same bug, and bite the fourth bug. He died of organ failure several times.

I became his mother’s slow to recover from cramps, and soon after, he’s become botulinum poisoning and his poor sons are also devastated.

The little girl was taken to a hiding place of social love, but she was not fickle and had the idea that he was in a cage in a new environment.

It’s foggy. It’s too thick to see.

cover a day’s blanket to find the smallest hole the team can walk halfway through.

Children and coconuts in infection recovery are very good and high.

The eldest daughter is an 80-year-old site that still has skin that is alive for years.

Who killed him? Who, lying down and seeing what Buddha looked like?

This is me. Thousands of famous people, the Buddha at the end of the Himalayas

There were over a thousand ancient buildings a few years ago. The first known Dalai Lama was known as the Dalai Lama in 1959, and some can. go up to his house Because he’s in position, he guards the house. But most of them are afraid to approach his room for worship. But over time there was a small gap to worship him.